We are almost through with the school year. E has been full time in his 3rd grade classroom for about a month and he’s doing well. He ends up all over the place and is a bit scattered but we have over all been blessed with this year and transition. Something happened a few weeks …

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Funny Face


Hello my friends! I’m trying to squeeze in two blog posts tonight as I prepare for a short week at work and school. We are taking the blessings away for a quick overnight as part of their Spring Break and hoping to connect as a family! Today is Easter Sunday. We were at Mass last …

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Autism Family Life

Traditions and Autism

I grew up in a family full of traditions. As a kid, I didn’t always appreciate them. Holidays felt overwhelming at times and more than a little stressful. So, why would I continue so many? I’ve been questioning that since Thanksgiving. I make a huge meal for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It often includes two meats …

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Autism Special Adventures


Traveling with 3 kids is enough to stress any momma out. Add special needs into the bunch and you’ve got a whole ball of crazy! For E, we pregame. A LOT. I take the time to walk him through the schedule, we talk about the items he will want and how all 25 of his …

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E smiling
Autism Uncategorized


You are doing okay, momma. There are days I really desperately need to hear this. There are days that E is screaming and losing control and I question if I am the mother he needs. If I am enough. Those days, I need someone to give me a hug (and if we are being honest …

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They love each other
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Those Hard Days

It has been almost two weeks since E started back at school. He has had no negative behaviors in the classroom and on Friday the teacher invited him to share lunch with the class the week after Labor Day! This is all fabulous, but. Last night, I was on the phone with a tribe member …

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Autism Family Life Kids

Back to School

Bloom where you are planted. Sunflowers are these beautiful, bright flowers that grow all over where I live. They have always been my favorite flower. You see, it doesn’t matter what kind of soil a sunflower seed is planted in, it will thrive. Sunflowers overcome adversity. Every single time I see a sunflower, I smile. …

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E and a book
Autism Book Reviews Family Life Inspiration

Book Review Time

I was asked by a friend if I could review and suggest children’s books on some of my posts. Specifically, books that dealt with special needs. I loved the idea! It also made me think. I really have not read a lot of children’s books in this area. It’s not that they don’t exist. I’ve …

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