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32 Days

How long did our family spend together on our road trip?

32 days. I had planned to blog during that time but then I realized… My family needs me to be present. I slowed down on Social Media, reduced my work hours and this blog went silent. Not because we weren’t having experiences, but because we were experiencing moments together. In the coming weeks I have a lot to share from both during and before the trip but for now I wanted to talk about 32 days in the car!

We visited 25 states on this trip. Only two were new for me, but it was still an incredible experience. We were so ready to not be living out of suitcases and our car when we got home. Thanks to being right between A and E, C can now identify her head, shoulders, knees and toes… and eyes and ears and hair… She is almost 17 months old.

It is truly amazing to see how much goes on during 32 days. In that time, we left our home and talked about moving to several places across the country. Hubs is not working as of the end of May and we are ready to see what adventure is next. So, as we drove we asked, “Could we be happy here?” In all likelihood, we could be happy in many places, but I really love our home.

We also decided to homeschool the A and E this coming year. This will be a huge change for A who has been in the same school since PreK. Unfortunately, the time came to make a break and so that is exactly what we decided to do. A went from being disappointed to throughout the trip becoming excited about the new possibilities and the things that she would not need to deal with anymore. E is still pretty on the fence, he is a social butterfly, but he’s excited because we found an online solution for him.

32 days is long enough to change our family dynamic.

I came back from this trip much closer to my husband. We worked more cohesively. More importantly, we found ourselves joking and engaging so much more with our children! I’m so blessed to have the ability to create moments and memories like these with my family.

Spring Break is just around the corner and summer is quickly coming. I encourage each of you to plan something on whatever budget you can and press pause on your daily lives. Be in the moment with your family, you never know when life will change.

Shortly after returning from this trip, I was nominated to run for office and spent several months campaigning. I shared insight as a woman, a business owner, a veteran’s wife and a homeschooling mother of children with Special Needs. Ultimately, I lost the election and remained at home with my family rather than going to the Capitol and that is okay – there is a plan for everything. Hubs and I prepared for the birth of our fourth blessing – due in June 2019 and I began to take the steps to expand my business. I will blog more about that later though. Hold your loved ones close.

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