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I was recently at the museum with C on a last minute play date. Because babies like art too! I love showing her all of the beautiful colors and exposing all of my kids to art in every form possible. Even if something isn’t to my taste, I expect there is some value to it.


While we were in the museum there was a fairly large group of young teens on a field trip. I was happy to see so many young people taking in the multiple exhibits, but was rather disappointed in one thing. How could they be truly experiencing the art that was all around them? It seemed as if all of the exhibits were another picture taking opportunity. One girl in particular went from piece to piece taking long enough to snap a picture and keep going. It made me sad.

Giving the benefit of the doubt, there are plenty of explanations, such as preparing for a school report, that could be the reason behind this behavior. Every time I go into the museum I get something new, have a new revelation or take away of the same pieces. The exhibits that won’t be there for long I will spend extra time on, of course with C that may only be an extra minute.

We live in a fast world, filled with Camera phones and Social Media.

I recognize this better than some because I’m on Media daily. That is a large part of my job. When I’m not in Facebook, I’m learning about the newest and best ways to use Media to my advantage. Professionally and personally. But watching these kids made me question my own usage? Am I missing the details while snapping a ‘big picture’? I don’t know. It’s one of those questions that take time to answer, reflection.

In the meantime, I hit 600 followers on Instagram!

C is a brand rep for a bow company, which basically means that she models and represents for a discount on our bow addiction. You can read about that here and visit the company here! If you buy a bow, use the code FAB10 to get a discount! Instagram is apparently a pretty big deal, so I went ahead and started playing with it. In September, we had 86 followers. This week, we hit 600! This was a big deal for me because I set 500 as my New Year Goal!

I am excited that my kids Rep because they are actively showing the world how special they are! In my mind, it is about breaking barriers. Sure, E has autism and rarely do I get a smiling picture, but he is still cute! C gets pictures with her aids on, and I hope it starts a conversation. There are plenty of families with Special Needs Kids our there and they shouldn’t be afraid to show their messy, love filled lives!

So, to that end. I’m running a giveaway. There isn’t a day that momma doesn’t need some coffee, and so one lucky reader or follower will get some (on me)! Click here to enter!

This is just my way of saying Thank you! Thank you for following us here, on Facebook, on Instagram and for showing us so much love! It’s my way of blessing some follower in a little way!

7 thoughts on “Social Media”

  1. So incredibly sweet of you! I can’t function without my morning cup of joe 😍

    & I totally agree with smartphones & social media, it’s taking over. Sometimes I wish the internet would quit working so people would be forced to actually speak & interact with one another face to face again lol I think it’s sad to be out somewhere & look around and 95% of everyone is sucked into their phone… I’m definitely guilty of it too sometimes but I try really hard to separate my time, put my phone away & stay present ❤

    Congrats on Instagram!! You go girl

    1. I’m the same way! But so much of my business is wrapped up in the Internet! If it did go away, I’d go broke! We have been trying to have unplugged time this Advent! It’s a start!

  2. This is one of my biggest worries too! Everyone is so dependent on their electronics to function and survive anymore it’s ridiculous sometimes. I left my phone at home the other day while running errands and was like OMG nooo. I then realized that I wasn’t tied down to check the latest FB post about my friend’s dinner the night before, or answer 20 phone calls from anyone I didn’t want to talk to, etc. it was so freeing for two hours to not be tied to a phone.

  3. There have been a few times when I’ve accidentally left my phone at home and the peace of not feeling like I have to check it is awesome. Not enough to actually not have my phone on purpose but it does give me a mental break. It’s also why I have “do not disturb” on my phone. I used to be woken up by email, text and FB notifications. Now, my phone tells me goodnight at 11 and doesn’t make any sounds until my alarm goes off!

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