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Making Strides

Life can be tough. Sometimes, we need to be reminded that it is worth it.

I recently shared this on my personal Facebook page…

“I’m exhausted pretty much all the time. I’m working hard to balance C’s Therapy, E’s Therapy, A’s skating, appointments for all of the kids, working 15-20hrs a week, volunteering on 2 boards and an executive committee, God, family and friends (not in that order necessarily). At the end of the day, I wonder if it is worth it.

It is worth it.

Sitting on the ground for an hour and making basic sounds while holding objects, hoping C will hear and associate those noises is worth it.

Signing every time I speak when we are at home alone together is worth it.

Volunteering and making good things possible for more people is worth it.

Working for my company is worth it.

Baking bread, biscuits and desserts from scratch to ensure that we don’t have any allergens in them is worth it.

Whatever you are doing and wondering if it is futile. Keep going. Keep doing. It is worth it.”

sometimes we need reminding…

I definitely needed to be reminded. C has been sick since September, or at least more sick than healthy. Last week, we had another Audiology appointment. Because C had lost her last one due to an ear infection, they brought her in the afternoon before to check her ears for fluid. And of course, there was fluid. Ugh. Canceled appointment, called the doc.We got an appt for Tuesday and scheduled it to be her 9 month check up too. The thought was, if there was just fluid from allergies it wouldn’t be an issue and if it was, we would get in sooner. The weekend came and so did the fevers and Monday morning I called for an earlier appointment.

Little Miss C had a Double Ear Infection… again. We got a referral to the ENT, a prescription for antibiotics and kept going. After all, I had to prep for Thanksgiving (which will definitely be a different post!).

Today, we are celebrating Thanksgiving. Mommas everywhere will be frazzled and tired, wondering if all of the effort is worth it.

It is.

Happy Thanksgiving and snuggle your blessings today!

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