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Hello! I guess this is my moment to introduce myself. I’m Mary Elizabeth and together with my hubs, I have 3 very special blessings. They are A, E and C, respectively. Over the past few months since C was born, I have joked repeatedly to my husband that we are either “batting a thousand” or “majorly blessed”. You see, I grew up hearing that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. Sometimes, you get way more than you think you can handle. This is our adventure, we have been 3 times blessed. Now, it is up to us and specifically me, since hubs works outside the home to embrace it and make it work for our family.

I should start with a little bit about me. I am a caring, sometimes painfully honest, book loving, Catholic momma. I have a bit too much “fluff”, something that I constantly work on. Although, I’m sure I will get into that at some point, today is just not that day. 🙂 I work part time online as a business consultant for two different companies. This gives me the time and flexibility that I need for my children while still providing me with an opportunity to bring a little money in for my family. I like 90’s music and James Michener and to bake (which may have something to do with that weight problem). More than anything, I just want to be a good mom and I feel quite often like I’m failing at that. It is my guess that most moms are jugglers and Executive Assistants rather than the image of motherhood they had in their mind once upon a time.

My kids are my life, everything revolves around them, I got a mini van (which I swore I wouldn’t do) to make it easier to carry them around. They also each have unique special needs. Because, you know, life wouldn’t be entertaining if all 3 of my kids had the same thing so I could become an expert on that one thing and be done. A is 11 and has Hypothyroidism and Tourette’s Syndrome. E has Autism and does well for the most part. I have homeschooled him for the past two years because it was what he needed. This year, we are doing a hybrid with a local school and I am praying it works. C is Hard of Hearing and wears aids to help her hear us speak. As a family, we are learning ASL to respond to her needs.

It would be easy to wallow and question how I am going to handle all of these things and teach my children to become strong, self-sufficient, functioning members of our society. I’ve never been the girl who went the easy route though. So, come along with me on our adventure. I’m sure it will be a wild ride.



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