Family Life

Love the One Your With

It’s the time of year for a ton of love stories to infiltrate your feed. It makes sense. Cupid is all over stores, the Internet, marketing campaigns and more. This isn’t that post. How we met doesn’t work well for our love Story because we slowly developed a love. By slowly, I mean 6.5 years. …

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Hospitals and Havoc

Because December isn’t busy enough, life decided to throw our family the curveball of a hospital stay this month. C has been out for a week and I’m still trying to recover. It’s scary when your baby goes from fine to very ill in just a few hours. With a little over a week to …

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Family Life Hard of Hearing/Deaf

They’re In

Want to freak a breastfeeding mama out? Tell her she can’t nurse her baby for 6 hours prior to a procedure. Mission accomplished. Friday, after a whirlwind week, C had Eustachian Tubes places in both ears. This was to help her avoid ear infections due to improper drainage. Because ear infections are no fun and …

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Hard of Hearing/Deaf

Patty Cake and Tubes

C turned nine months old on Thanksgiving. I love this age so very much! Her personality is becoming more evident by the day and I’m in love. Is it weird that I just said I’m in love reference my infant? I don’t think so… This last month she discovered Patty Cake. She loves it so …

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Autism Family Life

Traditions and Autism

I grew up in a family full of traditions. As a kid, I didn’t always appreciate them. Holidays felt overwhelming at times and more than a little stressful. So, why would I continue so many? I’ve been questioning that since Thanksgiving. I make a huge meal for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It often includes two meats …

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Family Life Inspiration

Making Strides

Life can be tough. Sometimes, we need to be reminded that it is worth it. I recently shared this on my personal Facebook page… “I’m exhausted pretty much all the time. I’m working hard to balance C’s Therapy, E’s Therapy, A’s skating, appointments for all of the kids, working 15-20hrs a week, volunteering on 2 …

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