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#metoo You may have seen that floating around social media. One hashtag and you’ve made your membership in a club publicly known. I watched a video from the founder of this movement recently. You can find it here. Those who know me personally, know that I’m part of that club. Individuals who have experienced sexual …

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My Health

Pregnancy Loss

I really don’t like going to the doctor. Not for the usual reasons, though. There’s this one line that gets me every time. I fill out my name, my personal info… life is good and then I hit the ‘Number of pregnancies’ followed by ‘Number of Live Births’. My numbers are 10 and 3. The …

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My Health


Here in the US we assign months to causes. October is known for Breast Cancer Awareness,Down Syndrome Awareness, Rhett Syndrome Awareness, Pregnancy Loss and Infertility Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness… That’s a lot to cover in one month. It is crazy to me that I know at least one person who has been effected by each …

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My Work

I’ve been preoccupied these past few weeks. On top of living every day life with the blessings and Hubs, it has been a crazy busy time for work! I met myself coming and going repeatedly these past weeks and yesterday was amazing because I could catch up on time with my family, which was really …

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Autism Special Adventures


Traveling with 3 kids is enough to stress any momma out. Add special needs into the bunch and you’ve got a whole ball of crazy! For E, we pregame. A LOT. I take the time to walk him through the schedule, we talk about the items he will want and how all 25 of his …

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E smiling
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You are doing okay, momma. There are days I really desperately need to hear this. There are days that E is screaming and losing control and I question if I am the mother he needs. If I am enough. Those days, I need someone to give me a hug (and if we are being honest …

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Special Adventures

Vacation – The Highlights

Hey all! I am actually going to do two posts about our most recent vacation (to Florida) so that I can cover everything. This first post will be the highlights and the second one (look for it this week) will be about the logistics. and they were off! C was sick the whole week leading …

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Family Life

Insurance Triumph

You may have followed the drama of last week and insurance. You can read it here if you need to catch up! It was exhausting and stressful. The recovery from three days of no ABA was also difficult. Super fun! I definitely did not want to spend last week that way. However, if this is …

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I’m going to start with an I’m sorry – Life got busy this month and I didn’t have a backup for yesterday’s regular post. So it is coming a day late. Sick babies will do that to you. Every year, we go through the seasons Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. I often find myself wishing that …

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