Family Life Special Adventures

The Military Family

My husband was an American soldier. He raised his right hand and swore an oath to protect our country. At the time, we were young, A was little and couldn’t be on his insurance because she wasn’t his biological child. He had talked about joining the military for the entire length of time I had …

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Autism Special Adventures


Traveling with 3 kids is enough to stress any momma out. Add special needs into the bunch and you’ve got a whole ball of crazy! For E, we pregame. A LOT. I take the time to walk him through the schedule, we talk about the items he will want and how all 25 of his …

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Special Adventures

Vacation – The Highlights

Hey all! I am actually going to do two posts about our most recent vacation (to Florida) so that I can cover everything. This first post will be the highlights and the second one (look for it this week) will be about the logistics. and they were off! C was sick the whole week leading …

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